Kevin and Valeri are the Senior Pastors of Limitless Church in Burlingame, California. Their passion is to see people in the San Francisco Bay Area experience the limitless love of Jesus. They consider it a great joy to fulfill the vision God has for this church.

Kevin and Valeri feel honored to have served the Lord in ministry for thirty years. Ten of those years have been in their favorite city in the world Burlingame, California. Aside from pastoring, Kevin and Valeri love spending time with their family. Kevin is an avid sports fan. He played college basketball and has coached throughout the years. Kevin has been a youth pastor, small groups pastor, executive pastor and is now the lead pastor of Limitless Church. Valeri is the co-lead pastor of Limitless Church, a speaker, counselor, musician and author. Her new book “A Beautiful Mess” is a compilation of her life story and a message that is life changing and redemptive. More than anything Valeri loves spending time with her family.

Kevin and Valeri have two daughters and a son. They are grateful for this season having all three of their children a part of building Limitless Church. The Noonan’s love their city and are committed to serving this community and seeing people’s lives transformed by the message of Jesus. They are so thankful for what God is doing in their city and church but truly feel as though they are just getting started. Kevin and Valeri say,


“Our best days are ahead of us. We believe the Peninsula is about to thrive and flourish like never before as we allow God to take the limits off of our lives.”


Loving God and sharing God’s love with people.
Intentional in helping people become devoted Christ followers.
Making weekend services effective in bringing people closer to God.
Investing in the next generation.
Teaching the word of God with clarity and purpose.
Life giving connect groups living out the purposes of God.
Emphasis on prayer and the enablement of the Holy Spirit.
Serving the Lord with Joy as a healthy church.
Sending and supporting missionaries locally, regionally, and globally.

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